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About Repaying Social Security Money Taken by Politicians

Dear Rusty: It is common knowledge that over the decades politicians have taken billions if not trillions of dollars out of the Social Security fund to finance other government programs. This information is never published or addressed and having the government repay this money back to SS is never discussed, as it seems to be the most logical solution. When the SS program is financially viable again, future changes to the program can be discussed in a more meaningful way. Signed: Informed Senior

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To Do or Not To Do

It probably won’t surprise you to learn that most people in our society look at the world backwards. They are totally focused on what they want to have. In reality, what we have is a result of what we do, and what we do is a result of who we are. Therefore, we should focus on being the kind of person that will do the right things so we will have what we want to have. We are all beyond busy here in the 21st century. There is more to do than we can even think about, much less focus upon or get done, so we must be mindful of what we are doing and, more importantly, what we are not doing.

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Out There

While some long missing wildlife species like elk and even mountain lions are making a comeback in Kansas, other critters that were once common are now virtually gone. Two species in particular are puzzling examples of this.


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