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Ed E. Rickerson

Ed E. Rickerson passed away June 24, 2019.

Ed is survived by his wife Gina, two daughters, Misty Harper of Kansas and Tabitha, of Kansas City, and a son CJ, of Wichita, 12 grandchildren, one brother Jack Rickerson of Topeka, and a sister Jane Rickerson of Topeka.

Ed was preceded in death by his father Rick Rickerson and mother Emma Gene.

Ed was born January 24,1956 at Arlington Air Force base near Houston,Texas and moved to Kansas in 1960 with his parents. His dad was an Airforce lifer. In the 1970s, Ed moved to Belle Plaine where he graduated high school.

Ed spent most of his adult life as an aircraft paint technician. He retired from Textron in 2018.

Ed's passion in life was motorcycles. He built them and he rode them. Ed enjoyed most motor-sports such as NASCAR and circle dirt track racing. He enjoyed working on old cars and trucks, fixing them up to resell them.

He married Gina on September 24th 1984. Ed's favorite song was Born to Be Wild by Steppenwolf.

Everybody liked Big Ed. You'll be missed and never forgotten.

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